How to Play Multiplayer Need for speed Using Wifi

how are you? I came back to the gamers.Seems to have a lot of LAN play with friends. Maybe online games with Rangers, or connected to your home router, or LAN connection cable attached to his bedroom, with its avowedly Internet.
The Varsity campus or on the bus, anywhere with Wi-Fi wireless laptops to be able to play with his laptop and a friend.

Very simple! It does not take anything from your laptop with built-in WiFi adapter and a 9 MB short program.9 MB if you do not take your program is very easy to use ayadahocaYou can.
Ayadahoca the Windows command's own WiFi hotspot.
It XP, Seven, and was bhistaya. Now, 8.1, 8, and 10 do not have it, but you can create it with the command prompt, which will be discussed in a later post.Now if that does not work, then you ayadahoca between 9 MB to download the program oesatoto hotspot. It will find the link.Keep hotspot connection you build with it and Blind. This means that Internet access be closed on hotspots. Hataspatatite Now that you connect the laptop to play with. Now turn off the Windows Firewall. Real-time Protection Network and will be shut down, enaephaesaemadabliu otherwise not be able to receive data from another PC, will block fire wall.Now take a look at all Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted is the same whether bharasane. If you do not give the 1.3 version of the patch. Find the patch.
Right-click on the speed.exe to propartise.
Then compitablity tab.
From the Run This Program in Compatibility Mode for: to check and windows XP (Service pack 2)

need for speed game,game,double player
    Now, apply and save the day.
Right-click on the Run As Adminstrator speed.exe days.
Do the same for all laptops.Now everyone with a PC that is connected to the PC, which means the host PC, the host of the game. This game is for everyone, such as spelling games. Because the bandwidth to the host PC to get better, get better speed.Creator game to make room (for a laptop of any applicable)

Sign LAN from the main menu to play now.
You'll see the text 'Looking for Servers'
Revoked by writing down the ESC.
Q Now press the upper 1. This press alaphabetika 1.
Get the name of the entry.
Connecting to leave a written will come here, it will be. Now Creator game days.
Then she wanted to live like the track, games Set Rules, and then host the games with his car's Choice.Now the others palah

Now everyone else to play LAN games, please select from the main menu.
See "Searching for Servers' is. Sometimes you will see the name of the host PC that it had arrived. If the search is canceled. Then enter the name of the selection.
Now, in your own name, then press Enter.
Now the game session in the Enter all (with the exception of the host)
Everything to everyone "Annie" with enter.
After a few seconds the message that the cut would come.
You'll see the name of your host has pisiera.
Enter now implies.As a rule, the desired amount of the Rules of the player is connected, the "All players connected and locked und writing and gaming countdown will start to come. The race will begin!Here laksaniyah

No PC is not too far away, the game durabala signal may be switched off.
Check with Service Pack 3 does not work.
Oesatoto apart from other programs can be used, but oesatoto play games that use more bandwidth will not lag.
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