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Brother coc you play? In response, I say, brethren, I do not play mcoc !! In response to which I am most of the time, what things mcoc brother !! ??

Then an idea came to mind, this game is a sort of a tune !! The work was conceived! Another tune with the game for a long time sat down to read.

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Today, I will post the name of the game is the Marvel Contest of Champions! The game is an action-style fighting game. Marvel's hero and villain role in the world where you all will be able to play against each other!
The game is WWE Immortals, Injustice: Gods among us, Mortal Kombat X, etc. as games, Marvel Super Heroes Gameplay is just the cycle of the game is built around! Android and iOS devices can only play the game, that means it's a mobile game!
Fighting game erinagulo D technology to render the movement of the superheroes and ekasanaguloke II D technology has been arranged. The game's control system has been modified for tacaskrinera, so if you play the game you do not need the extra buttons or virtual joystick. What is the meaning of the oppressed touch phone!
The game is an online game, you play the game if your device must have a net kanenektada. 20 MB of data per game on average without updating eat! What is going to become more ?? !!!

The game was released in December 014, the first around and Iron Man, Spider Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Magneto, Ultron, Rhino, and the latest updates, including 5 in accordance with the character of the (April 30, 016) around and now has a total of 88 nature reserves. Each character has 5 separate star-based group. For example 1 star Wolverine, 2 star spider man, 3 star Hulk, 4 star Venom, 5 star Ronan etc. Star bigger, more powerful and advanced hero !!
In a nutshell, there are around and two kinds of missions. Another one of the storylines are based missions or multiplayer PVP (player vs player) Mission style. Storylines based Economic Story Quest, Daily Events and Wing Alliance mode is included.
Economic storylines are based energy system, in which a player can play at a time, some mission to determine its limitations. However, players will be able to level up the energy to raise the limit of the system.
The PVP multiplayer mode or directly to the other players the opportunity to Fighting! Take a hero vs. hero or a team of 3 players will be able to fight with the group.
Up to the level required of the player around and XP. XP-based storylines you will be able to achieve the mission and the events playing. And the more XP you earn on your account will be able to level up. And with up to a level that you will be able to unlock new features. Hero 5 with 5 levels as you can play with two people at the beginning, which will be limited. Nor will increase the level up of your item slots to carry!Each player has a ranking system gematite. A player's rank in the combined ranking of all his heroes are made. For example, if you have the hirogulo:
> 1 star Iron Man (122)
> The star Spiderman (425)
> 3-star kyapteina America (745)
> 4-star Hulk (1345)
> 5-star Thanos (2789)
If you have 5426 Player Rankings! The more heroes, and the upgrade will be the heroes, heroes with the same rank, and you will increase the player's rank.
Kyarektaraguloke around and you'll need to upgrade to ISO-8, Gold and kyatalista! ISO-8 and Gold are story quests, pvp mode can collect playing. You will be able to collect a wide variety of special events and plays kyatalista.
Another notable feature of the game is the Alliance. Group of the Alliance of gematite pleyadera. Alliance was formed to provide the maximum of 30 players. Alliance private or public (open) can be. You can collaborate with other players to join the Alliance Group of the Alliance will be able to collect points. The Alliance points separate the Alliance Crystal can be bought!
6 or any of the top-level player in the Battle of tens of thousands of chips or 500 units will be able to create an Alliance.
Overall, a very enjoyable and fun game. However, the latest game update, the game Civil War movie to change the style of the game is now 7 to 10 megabytes of data every 30 minutes eating. Fighting with other problems, including a crash in the middle of the game (slow loading), I have no!
When you take a game like this to anyone, but once, when all these issues would seem insignificant!
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