Photography with a smartphone to do?

There are those who love to take pictures of the smartphone or less. Megapixel camera, but the image quality is worse than a lot of time can be. Again, great quality pictures with less megapixels camera mobile phone can be. The question is how is it?

Let's talk today about some of the details. Today, mobile photography is the first phase of the negotiations.

Mobile External lens What ??
Answer: The Internal mobile kyamarate lens is a lens that! Or one with multiple .... Asus Zenfone as 3 x optical zoom with a set of a few days ago, the market brings to the market. The lens and the lens normal phone, but it is different! Now I know what went on and why mobile external lens?

Photo cotton facilitate each one has some kind of macro lenses using lens, Fish Eye lens, wide lens and the zoom lens engela.

Macro lens
Cotton is usually small objects with a macro lens. The lens is more popular than at all.

Wide and Fisheye lens
Wide & Fisheye lens with the fact that I did not see any benefit! The two are not to be used. If you want to make it up to you.

Zoom Lens
Now in zoom lens. It is usually the farthest thing you can take a photo of the object or the subject of a nearby (and more light through the lens took pictures to get a better result).

Now the question is on the lens you buy ?? Which one do not buy it ???

Zoom Lens
You can buy it if you wish, as a consequence of nothing, many feel that it's the people behind the background image can be dull, dull, though the picture is the picture! Portrait is much better than the dull, such walls, brick Texture, grass byakagraonda these things as much as you can. Some say it's a picture of a bird, the birds take a picture of a shutter speed that is required. I do not think there's necessarily find the shutter speed and the hands to kepe the picture. However, one thing that I see as a good thing, it's like the little kids playing telescope! It is what they do! That was fun !! I do not see anything !!

Macro Lens
Many macro lenses purchased hudai eat deceiver, is not nothing to do with work. These two do not buy ...
  ** Good quality, buy a telescope's broken glass from the inside out, and the telescope at the talks was more than 4 MM!
** Corrupted digital cam cam or film that broke out inside the lens to 3 pm. Where is it you do not need to have a lens, carefully unplug itself can understand. How to handle it on your own in front of the lens of the phone's flip cover, I have to buy it on the cover with super glue. Let's put it on the cover of the yasta too !!
(And one thing, laser lights, DVD lens as they do not work)

The picture was taken with Macro Lens shares. Mobile name Galaxy J7.
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