Oppo F1W: Hands-On Review

The standard handset for those who are looking for mid-budget handset could be a good Oppo F1 P 720 so that the display and octa-core processor with 3 GB of RAM! You may know the other handsets from Chinese Oppo and Xiaomi (currently only Mi) makes a lot of good and quality handsets. The Oppo Officially launch of the international standards that they claim they are able to provide warranty service. Let's have a look at a brief review of this handset.

Handset display resolution is 720 x 1280 pixels, which is over 294 inches across. IPS panel LCD display and display type. As a result, any tough angle to give the best display Viewing Experience.
Buttery smooth interface thanks to 1.7 GHz CPU and 3GB of RAM. There is no separate application launcher menu. Danebame like iPhone homepage when you see all your apps.

Oppo F1w (10)

Toggle menu drop-down touch is very smooth and double toogle the whole can be seen. From the shortcut screen brightness can be set. To see the review handset was half brightness. That soft light of the sun is also pretty good.

Oppo F1w (11)

ppo-f1wOppo F1 handset is at the bottom of the Micro-USB charging port microphone and talk.
Oppo F1w (8)

Speakers are at the bottom of the back cover is fairly sound. Not so loud. The phone's normal budget. Back bhiuta phinisim quite beautiful on the outside, but now that the cameras are out. As a result of the extra cover when the camera than in front of the stained glass to read. Which is very bright with the flashlight.

Oppo F1w (7)

3.5mm headphone jack is at the top. And you can see, a very slim handset. Oppo F1w (6)

On display in front of the camera, the phone speaker and LED notification lights. Oppo F1w (5)

SIM tray and lock button on the right side. Oppo F1w (4)

The volume rocker is on the left. Oppo F1w (3)

Screen short within
The user interface is very simple. There is no separate menu button. If you want karaleito any custom launcher can set as default. Google Now lancarata a person very dear to me.

The default launcher


Music pleyarah

Oppo F1 androidsomogro.com

Oppo F1 androidsomogro.com

Camera intarapheisah

The best thing is the phone's camera to Aperture 2.2 can be maximized. Prime DSLR camera lens and took photos, we usually know a lot of pictures in low light and with Bokeh (background blur) or the zoom takes photos. The phone's camera captured the image you just get bokeha. With Super Resolution pictures there.

Resolution 8-megapixel camera and front camera aperture 2.0! Bright and colorful, so amazing you'll selaphi.

Click images below to view camera images

 Front camera photo sample:

 oppo f1 review bangla
Front camera sample

Oppo F1 androidsomogro.com

Smooth batari obviously have to install android 5.1.1. Android 6.0 will support easy configuration marsamyalo. As soon as the idea is to update the facility.

Last speech

Oppo F1 There are many devices on the market. I've reviewed Oppo F1w model. Other models are almost identical just Oppo F1 Plus 4 gibi of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage with bhyariyesane MOLED full HD screen which has a lot of good will Viewing Experience. The camera is quite good and a lot of wide aperture, which will increase your picture taking a lot of interest. And there selaphi .0 apertures. 3 GB of RAM are many wonderful and smooth multitasking.

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