Importance Of "ES File Explorer" Android

Many of you have to use ES File Explorer.apk / was. Review of the only people who knew them. Please note that bad tument will not discourage me.
I have seen and used the ES File Explorer is one of the best App. It is about 10 or more apps you'll be able to work. Above all, it is a mega App.

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                             FEATURES ES FILE EXPLORER

An advanced file manager. This app has a different style view options & sorting options, like almost  a computer.

You can change the folder name or multiple files simultaneously. With enough options.If you using custom rom you can use this file manager too.

 Files or folders  Compressing and decompress (Decompressing), Zip / Unzip, Rar. / Unrar. That means the computer can be used to perform the main tasks of Win zip.

Recycle Bin (Recycle Bin). ES File Explorer to the Recycle Bin options. Data recovery whom you can delete. Recycle bin option is off by default.For On the Recycle Bin option on the settings you need to go.

 File / Folder hide (Hide) can be. And if necessary can be UN-hide.

App Backup can be made. The original set of apps and backups can be made.

 Share this app can be used as an alternative to brick. It shares such as Wi-Fi (WiFi) to work in the same way, ES File Explorer, and WiFi works instantly. ES File Explorer to edit, share and sharing It's  disturbance. Afer all SHAREit seyaraita though it could perform more than a little speed. In short, a little speed, a little trouble. But the couple, together with Es File Xplorer File / Folder, is . It is not possible to perform with the help of the shares.

Also ca be use as A android Downloader.


This is Great apps so You can use it fully free and available on playstore .or directs google . Thank you please Visit my website free android tips & tricks,android custom rom & more about android samsung galaxy s5,s,note devices

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