How to verifying the original clone device

There are reasons to worry. I have thought at the device that is being cloned. However, the thought of being run out. "AnTuTu Officer" app can easily shown use the device status. However, there is a problem in this test method. And it is only in these two devices and an Internet connection will be necessary. The first Android device (the device to be tested) and the second device may be that none of Android or Windows.

 Method verifying the original clone device :

1. Download from the App download and install it on the device
2. The first device to the second device into link to install the run-done app
3. The second device is displayed in the "QR code" is the first device when the scan will show the status of devices.

The security parameters based on the application of the standard serves as a test machine. App will determine whether the device's hardware parameters have been changed. AnTuTu if your device is installed app or scan the QR code on the failed device is likely to be true than not.
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