How to Take Screen-shot of the Android mobiles

Today I'll show you how to take a screenshot of the Android device. .3 Version of Android at the way some of those who are down there at the bottom of the .3 taking screenshots for those who have not yet set the route is much adulteration. However, for those who are on top of 4.0 does not have any application. They can easily take a screenshot, the Android 4.0 version of the above groups and have built-in screenshot system up to version 4.0 on the route and some even do not take any. Up to version 4.0 of the Android device with the root of the app, if you wish, and you can take screenshot. However, in the world of the original points to Let-

-----------------------------This method For Android 4.0 users only------------------------

I told you before, the version of Android 4.0 on the built-in screenshot system have been added. But what do you know how to make screenshot wondered? It's very simple, if you follow the following steps You can easily take a screenshot

Open your device's lock (if any)
Then you take a screenshot of the place, go there (anywhere you can take screenshot)
Now, your device's Power button and volume - with the press of one button.
If you do not get up and think, you can not press two buttons together, try again dekhuba :)

I can see a screenshot of photography (I am hoping with Android 4. version)

----------------This is for android versions 2.3 non- Rooted User---------------

.3 Of the following non-Rooted users are just one way to take screenshots. First you need to install an app for the PC will. Screenshot of cotton to the PC data cable from your device to connect to the. So let's get started No root it screenshot of the app you have installed from Google Play. (App can be downloaded free on the paid search on Google) On the description given of the App on Google Play, then, steps have to follow.
--------------------------------------------This is for Rooted users------------------------------------------
.3 Of the user who set up the root of the following two easy ways for them to dispose of it, is the first to install a custom ROM (on the custom ROM, the built-in screenshot system are added, they are), and the second is the App Screenshots to (be able to connect to the PC's not :)). First Screenshot UX Screenshot IN or in any one of the two apps to install on your device. Now anyone can make an app like the screenshot wish. Or that the custom ROM on to add that there are built-in screenshot, they choose a flash (hacce a custom ROM CyanogenMod)
Until today. I hope the people at the top tune :)

For now more android tricks for root android or android 6.0 marshmallow

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