How to Block or Remove Android ads

Advertising or ADs - not to say anything new about this, this is the world of the Internet name of an annoyance! So let's talk a little to get rid of it. There are several apps that can give you the freedom from advertising. One of his "Ads-block Plus". Let's have a look at the world of how to install and configure the app to your device.
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                                           How to Block Ads android devices 


Before done this work:
1. Unknown sources option is enabled in the device from the Settings
2. Download the apps from here-
3. Using any file manager app is downloaded, the app install location

Now that you are using the network of its locations in the following steps

1. Settings> Wireless and networks> your network name (Wi-Fi)
2. "Your network name" here, hold pressure on the name of your network until the option Modify network coming
3. Modify network option, and enable the Show advanced options
4. Proxy settings, select Manual from
5. Enter the Proxy hostname localhost
6. Already in your notifications bar with an Ad block Plus notification will appear in the port. Putting it in the Proxy port number
7. Come out to save.

Then Settings the app as your wise.
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