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Angry Birds Racing Game Games review

Angry birds go review
Angry birds GO

Yes, you read right. Angry Birds is a popular mobile game company Rovio's new game of Angry Bird Go!
We may all know how popular Angry Birds. When I think about gaming on Android or iOS Angry Bird's name comes first. Many say it has exceeded the popularity of Super Marion. The popularity of the Angry Birds series exploring new games are out.
It is basically a 3D kart racing game. Favorite Angry Birds, where you can be yourself on the character of the resume. You can collect coins. Collect special power to get the best speed. I like the cart can customize and change. Below is the official game-play videos.

Run Sheldon Games review:
runsheldom free games review
run sheldom

Running game within the game is to join a few days ago. Whose name RUN SHELDON.........

This game has some different fun times. Its team of some of the top games SHELDON wants to steal the trophy. SHELDON I have to try to save them from the hands. SHELDON have a lot of power at the top games. He could dorate, can jump, swim, fly and even. When you play the game for you, and you can see the power of SHELDON. There are so many beautiful and very funny sound graphical. If you like the running game must play this game.

There is a video game trailers. And there are some pictures. Take a look at how the game for the eye.

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