The most effective method or apps is to free RAM

Effective method or apps is to free RAM


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greenify to save android ram,
How are you? Hope all is well by the grace of Allah, I like you achiamara goodness everyone is familiar with Android, it's so close to all the limitations of Android janapriyayadio acheera tried to format the biggest limitation is installed in the Out of sight continues, the RAM is much less free, more RAM, and decreasing the use of the battery, moreover the phone is sometimes too slow, which is very painful.

Many people are getting rid of this problem is to use a variety of tried to format, such as the Clean Master, RAM booster, RAM killer is even more freaked out, but at the end of all things is that they are free to speak egulai more RAM memory is sitting down, thus the killer or  RAM memory booster that say eating wisely.

But now the question is how the free will of RAM??? I have answered this question many like-I tried to format you have to use, but the results are zero, I did not receive any benefits, and finally found a way to keep the XDA Forum free RAM in the Greenfy Xposed Module After using it, I was surprised when, before the phone mb of RAM memory could now griniphai Free After 00 MB RAM 150 Free pie, what surprised? surprised, but I would say that today satyito griniphai how to use more RAM than ever before, allowing you to keep it free before you get on the phone and the battery backup for comparison Performance Report.

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