Wifi Calling How to Call using WIFI

Android now with a group of friends to talk to the police Free Wi-Fi as the wireless Kamehameha (100% Working Post)

How are you? I hope you are all well. Today I'll show how a group of friends to talk on Android with free Wi-Fi as the wireless Police Kamehameha

For your phone, turn on wifi hotpot. This time the setting is the same word at all to pass on to you. Use of the software within the following ranges Wireless's like a free talk

Wi-fi Talkie Lite download from the bottom of the first was

Apanakebhaye tasks to be "1st-wifi connect bhaprathame mobile wifi hotspot was launched in the second mobile wifi go to connect, then wareless talkie pm Install the watch ip is the 1st mobile at the head of the white part of the Call Option will come that the Click, and Free If talk.
To download the PC will not be a problem, but a problem even if you can Use Firefox. If you experience problems downloading to mobile uc browser download. uc browser to download to not be a problem. Click on the image will be downloaded everywhere.
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