How to Use titanium Backup to Backup android Data

We will constantly change the ROM. One of the most difficult to change the ROM, where do we lose all App. This is our new App initial. I do not have the ROM App.

Tips Use Titanium Backup

How to use titanium backup tool


What would happen if one of the app is very easy to ROM could transfer to another ROM ?? So it was not just the apps i would seaman. App with all the data you are getting back in the shed. That is,

    One of the games that are played there.
    Opera Mini being the browser or saved pages

Lets start the procedure

1 Open the app to install
2 to grant root privileges
3 the two pages will then OK
4 Number image Backup / Restore tab Clock
5. Backup will be taken to a page. Dismiss the second image to the right of the search button on tap Batch like to sign the check.
6. Backup all user app from the Backup section and click on.  
7. Note that the backup will start. Put the empty space on the memory card of 1 GB. App will backup all your data, including the reason why it will take place.
Receive notification in the status bar at the end of the backup.

 You can now change the ROM at the end of the backup after the backup is restored turn.

 1. Again, like the previous one, go to the Batch option.
2. See the section Restore "Restore Missing App with Data" in the options.
Please select.
3. Tap the tick marks to be restored after.
4. Wait until the end.
5. Restore the end of the phone Reboot / Restore the
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