Age of Empires II – The Age Of King

The reviews will give you the second edition of Age of emperarera.
Development and updates of Microsoft Corporation since 000 has been made. Age of Empire II: The Age of Kings, the second edition: DISAPPROVAL.
Here are the updated rijaisada game, meaning rajaya rajaya war, multiplayer geimim, kyampeim geimim.
No nation in history has made the story is based kampeim geimime. Mongolia as Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great of Greece, and a lot of stories.
Every nation in the history of the games have given the players' convenience.
Civilization will change according to the player's unit here.
This means that if you select one of the nation began to play, according to the people in your house, hats, workshop style will change everything.
Different people have different abilities.
Japanese Samurai warrior as you will, and cinera Chu-Ko-Nu, or archer. Barasarka also be baijantainera.
In addition, there are game klyataputa or ancient stone throwing artillery shells. See the cute, little seemed to look more cute 😀
There ballistic arrow. There are also updated tribuceta. The ancient walls of the castle were broken tribuceta.
You need to update your team in many ways.
Will be forced to take up his own hometown. Bhilejara will be the first three and a town hall.
The journey begins with the Town Hall.
And with his papulesanera houses will increase.
Create to create an army barracks. Made friends with the people who will run the business market trade.
Natural resources should be collected trees.
Gold and stones to lift off the ground.
We have to build your own army of warriors and. To give up the walls to protect the city.
To his own people and his own wounded soldiers heels heels will take you to the Temple Priest.
There are also river. You will need to create the port. Fishing boats to retrieve the fish. In addition to enemy warships to defend and attack to be made.
By the end of the game to complete the objective. There may be objective, the Natural Wonder Lyrics to collect or create or kill the king.
Wonder may be no big house, the cathedral or the Statue!
It does not take much to play the game extraordinary configuration,

Processor: 800 megaharaja
RAM: 64 MB
64 MB graphics memarih
Oesah XP, 7, Vista, 98
Eicadidih 500 MB
Good bye to everyone.

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