Walton Primo GH6 - Review ! Camera gaming Test

The mobile market as the company introduced the first domestic mobile phone operating system associated with the first device marsamyalo Walton Primo GH6.
designs, and prices are also at hand.
1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB ROM and 000 ml eyampiyara rich device battery costs only Rs 6290.
Let's, let's take a look at the increasing payenteda out of Primo GH6 features:
Operating System: eyandrayeda 6.0 marsamyalo
ROM: 8 GB (can be extended up to 64 GB)
Display: 5 "HD (IPS) protected glass garila
Camera: 8 megapixel and 5-megapixel front riyyara
Battery: 000 ml eyampiyara Li-ion battery.
Price: Rs 6290.

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All things are getting with the device:
** User Manual and Warranty Card.
** Charger and Data Cable
** Year Area
Operating System "
The new additions to the device has been used eyandrayedera marsamyalo 6.0 operating system.
The device you are golden, gray and silver can buy these paints.
Designed and built Screenshot_18 Quality:
Full metal coated with a premium look of the device length of 145 mm, 73.14 mm, and a thickness of 9.7 mm prasthya. The device weighs 176 grams including battery.
Screenshot_21 device has been used 5 "HD display. At the top of the display is a 5-megapixel camera selaphi. Front camera quality is one of the great words. Selaphi the camera next to the Proximity Sensor. That's at the bottom of the display are 3 soft capacitive touch panel.
At the top of the right side of the device below the volume buttons and the power button on rakarasa.
Screenshot_9 the top part of the device is 3.5 mm and micro USB charging port adiya jyakaporta.
Screenshot_1 the left side of the upper part of the device's back panel has a 8 megapixel autofocus camera biesaai. Camera with a bright flash was used.
That is at the bottom of the device Screenshot_2 byakaparte loudspeaker.
The device has a 000 ml open Screenshot_8 byakaparta eyampiyara removable battery. At the top of the battery, there are two bean 3G card slot. The 64 GB external memory card slot card slot right next to the beans. Primo GH6 device byakaparta the curve, which is quite nice to grip and can easily carry the device in your hand, you can ete.
User Interface:
Eyandrayedera marsamyalo latest version 6.0 operating system this device has been used calito "My Launcher 6.0 user interface. Simple but has been kept for you the Best dijainatai. You will get a taste of the Google operating system marsamyalo stock at Primo GH6. Notification panel, will receive all the settings from the operating system like Google's stock.
RAM and ROM:The Primo GH6 pachne you 1 GB of RAM. 1 GB of RAM and a 959 MB of built-in ROM for the user ebheilebala pabenaechara has 8 GB of RAM. 421 GB which you can use as a unified storage. The rest of the place is totally mobile operating system and has been used to install built-in apps. 400 MB of installed apps like mobile phones, despite adequate amounts of RAM is empty. The biggest advantage of the extra memory card when you put them, they would look at a menu. For example, your device's internal memory of 8 GB. More additional 3 GB internal memory you use it. Generally internal memory and the external memory is saved separately. But the biggest advantage of Primo GH6 if you want to integrate internal memory and the external memory can be used. When planting the device memory card will be an option, select your device's internal memory and external memory, which merged to become the unified storage. That is, the 8 + 3 = 40 GB of memory on your device.
Untitled-5 sipiiu and jipiiu:
1.3 GHz quad-core processor device has been used. Besides, the MediaTek chipset with 6580 as a receiving device jipiiu Mali 400.
Display and Touch:
The display on the device has been used 5 "HD IPS display, the screen rejulusyana (1280 x 720 pixels. The device protektada garila glass. In addition, the device supports 16.7 million colors. The device and the slightest touch suparba resapanchibha there lyagim. the device supports two finger multi-touch.

Not only that, you can display the Display mirabhisana technology allows you to adjust the color of their choice.

Primo GH6 are in the camera's default "My Launcher 6.0 user interface. Biesaai 8 megapixel camera with autofocus riyyara. In addition to the bright flash as the camera you can take pictures Quality good night. The flowers on this device you eicadibhidio (1080 x 1920 pixels) recording as well as playback can be.
Untitled-2 devices have been used in front of the 5-megapixel selfie camera, which is able to meet demand for withdrawals selaphi selaphi lovers. In addition, the camera's settings "PRO" option, select the camera to focus manually, you can do a lot more. Let's have a look at some photos taken with the device at a glance.

Primo GH6 we saw the benchmark tests. Mobile eyanatutu benchmark score is 23904 and the configuration of the device according to the price suparba. In addition, the device has scored 54.1 nenamarka graphics score, which is a good score paryayeraechara gikabenca single-core and multi-core score is 353 1132
Untitled-4 connectivity and sensor:
The device contains all kaniktibhiti: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro USB version two, otiji, otie, Wireless Display, LAN hotspots, etc. W.
And that includes all the sensors: eyakaselomitara, light, proximity, compass and so on.
As a result, customer care without having the benefit of the device software can be updated online.
Primo GH6 otiji advantage because you mouse devices, keyboards, pen drive and win stika can use. Especially those who love to play games on mobile gaming experiences that they can not win it on stika.
Power Saver:
The basic options that you can save the device's battery. In particular, the device will be charged 10% of the backup, then the saving mode, the "Super Power Saver" options to select the device backup battery will last more than 5-6 hours. However, if you select this option, you just have to be limited to calling and messaging. Can not even on camera.
Gaming Experience:
Modern Combat 5 at the Primo GH6 effect from the dead, esaphalta smudali can run in all versions.

Like the good:
Walton's first marsamyalo device. The design of the device is really remarkable and very affordable price. Professional mode for using the camera to focus manually, you can adjust the color management anayesei. It also allows you to control all your devices "Phone Assist" from the options.
She has not seen such a weakness.
The device has been used 000 ml eyampiyara Li-ion battery. As IPS display device will drain the battery too. Eugen normal full backup ijili to 1 day.
The device is priced at Rs 6290.
See, when you go to buy a mobile phone, the head of the mass sorts of thinking. Some models can be seen in the same budget. As a result, you'll be shocked kinkartabya. So one thing you all do not agree. And the same budget when buying mobile phones at the Mobile Experience by itself, but it will again. Otherwise, you're gonna regret this could be maybe later.
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