Walton Primo E7 Hands On Review gaming Performance !

All sections of the people of Bangladesh Walton has a smartphone to spread the conviction. One after another, they will launch a budget-friendly handsets in the market every month. And all the lower-middle class people can buy them at low prices, budget-friendly smartphone for this reason, every month brings you a variety of Walton Walton brings a more affordable budget smartaphonaerai continuation budget smartphone Primo E7 +1 GB of RAM, 1. GHz quad-core processor, 8 GB of internal ROM, this smartphone worth Rs 4,550 only.

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Let's get to know at a glance glimpses of this device:Operating System: eyandrayeda 5.1 lollipopsRAM: 1 GBROM: 8 GB (can be extended up to 3 GB)Display: 4.5 "screen ephadabliu bhijieCamera: two megapixel front riyyara and bhijieBattery: 000 ml eyampiyara Li-ion battery.Price: Rs 4,550 only.All things are getting with the device:** User Manual and Warranty Card.** Adiya jyakaporta 3.5 millimeters.** A Screen Protect** Year Area** A well-view back cover

Operating System:The device has been used in popular operating system version 5.1 eyandrayeda lollipops.
The device you are white, black, gold and light blue can buy the 4 colors.
Designed and Built Quality:Barnila Primo E7 + 4 colors plastic cover of the device is complete. The device length of 135 mm, 66 mm and a thickness of 9.5 mm prasthya. The device weighs only 116 grams including the battery.

The device has been used 4.5 "screen dabliubhijie. Finishing is very nice and eye catching display. At the top of the display is the camera bhijie. Proximity sensors are also right next to the camera.
That's at the bottom of the display are 3 soft capacitive touch panel. At the top of the right side of the device below the volume buttons and the power button on rakarasa.

The top part of the device is 3.5 mm and micro USB charging port adiya jyakaporta.

The back panel has a two-megapixel camera at the top of the device. There are just under the camera lights flash elaidi. It does not stain the glass of the camera while the camera is aimed at the surface level of the stands have been some rounds. At the bottom of the loudspeaker at the back of the device. The device has a 000 ml open byakaparta eyampiyara removable battery. At the top of the battery, there are two bean 3G card slot. 3 GB external memory card slot and card slots right next to the beans.Primo E7 + device, the device byakaparta curve suparba hand grip.User Interface:As usual Walton Primo E7 + to all of the device's user interface has been kept as the diversity and innovation. Notification Panel, you will enjoy everything from the dial pad. Cheap device, but you will get a taste of the premium user interface. Apps are also drawers and a separate home screenRAM and ROM:Primo E7 + 1 GB of RAM so you pachne. 1 GB of RAM and 964 MB of RAM, the user will ebheilebala.In addition to the built-in 8 GB of ROM. 5.36 GB of internal storage which you can use as a. The rest of the place is totally mobile operating system and has been used to install built-in apps.Mobile Apps installed, despite the enough RAM to 400 MB, which is empty doubtless a good thing.ramSipiiu and jipiiu:1. The device has been used in high-speed GHz quad-core processor. In addition to getting a Mali 400 jipiiu.cpuDisplay and Touch:The device has been used to display 4.5 "W bhijie screen. The device supports 16.7 million colors.Suparba resapanchibha Touch device and does not have the slightest lyagim. The device supports two finger multi-touch.TouchCamera:Primo E7 + includes a two megapixel camera riyyara. Pictures taken with the camera quality is fairly level. And selaphite bhijie camera has been used.Some of the pictures taken with the najare E7 + Let's take a look.
Benchmark:We have seen mobile benchmark tests. Mobile eyanatutu benchmark score is 20755 and the configuration of the device according to the price suparba. In addition, the device has nenamarka score 582 score, which is really much better.

We also tested the device gikabenca. Let's have a look at the results at a glance gikabenca.bench mark (1)Connectivity and sensors:The device contains all kaniktibhiti:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro USB version two, otie, wireless display, including W LAN hotspots.And that includes all the sensors is:Eyakaselomitara, lights, etc. Proximity.SensorOtieAs a result, customer care without having the benefit of the device software can be updated online.
Gaming Experience:Esaphalta at the Primo E7 + 8, 15,16, including FIFA be able to play almost all the games without any trouble.Vulnerability:Device eyes were hardly weak. However, many users may take less than the battery backup.Battery:The device has been used 000 ml eyampiyara Li-ion battery. Eugen receive 8-10 hours of normal ijili backup.Price:The device is priced at Rs 4,550.Decision:Look, you know, when you buy a mobile phone, the head of the mass sorts of thinking. Some models can be seen in the same budget. As a result, you'll be shocked kinkartabya. So one thing you all do not agree. And the same budget when buying mobile phones at the Mobile Experience by itself, but it will again. Otherwise, you're gonna regret this could be maybe later.
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