How to Record android Phone call

We are different because of the phone calls are recorded. For example, someone with an emergency phone call to talk or even your favorite stars will keep a record of all the memories. So, let's see how this will works recording. . .

There are a lot of phone calls to be recorded onto store for free but the best apks Automatic Call Recorder. There is both a free version and a Pro version. However, the free version is also available fairly to all facilities.

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Record Calls Let's tick box.

1.WAV file type from the media setting by using the third-party player, then there will be no problem to record play.
2.  Audio Source Select the Mic
3. Apk’s day close.
4 To call someone and start talking when the status bar you will see a red recording icon. And the call is being recorded.

Notification can be seen at the end of the call that the call is being recorded. If you tap on the Play, Delete, Share, Save, etc. There will be options.

If you are not listening to recorded calls or does not play well, then change the Audio Source. That output is available in the Audio Source to use.

You can find more attractive features of the setting. The call will be recorded and saved to the cloud storage There giver. Moreover, SD card to save or to start recording Shake has option

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