Buy Walton primo D6 only 4200Tk don't miss the Chance !

Budget-friendly mobile purchase the first name that comes to mind is that Walton. I am referring to the first statement on each review. And when the mobile market will witness this. However, this time come to work. But the budget is not going to buy a smartphone. But the low budget mobile phone, just like the groove. And you know the words of the mind without the latter brought Walton at just 4,190 quad-core Android mobile rich Walton Primo D6. Let's have a look at what this handset: 
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Display: 4 "HVGAOs: 442 KitKatRAM: 51 MBROM: 4 GB.Camera: 5 or two megapixel front WVGACPU: 1. Quad gigahertz.GPU: Mali 400Radio with a recorderBattery: 1550 mm EmpirePrice: Rs 4,190 only.What's great is not it? You are great at just 4,190 mobile. Let's have a look at what you're getting with this phone are:** USB charger.** User Manual** Protectorate screen.** 3.5 mm jack port ** Warranty Card

The Design Walton Primo D6:


mobile enough to see the black curve. Looking into the hands of mobile phone and the Mobile Experience will get you an ideal sense. Let's, let's focus on this time of Outlaw Mobile. Mobile display has been used 4 "WVGA Display. VGA front camera phone has the upper hand.

And right next to the speaker of the camera. The display will also receive 3 capacitive touch buttons at the bottom.The power button on the right side of the phone is the volume rocker buttons on him.At the top of the phone is the 3.5 mm Audio jack Port.The phone has a USB charger at the bottom.The phone has a 200-megapixel camera. The camera has a bright flash lights.The lower part of the phone's loudspeaker.
Part of the back of the phone will open the 1550 mAh battery. The battery is just over two SIM card slots. The first SIM card slot for 3G SIM pm are allocated.
Mobaitira body dimensions: height 123 mm, prasthya 63 mm, and 9.9 mm prasasthya. But the less mobile with battery weight. Only 110 grams.
As a mobile OS you are getting Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

Plastique black back panel of the phone. Has been used on the display 4 "HVGA screen, the screen resolution is 800 × 480 Pixel. Mobile Touch standards compliant. You'll find no lyagim. At the touch of your fingers Walton primo D6 support.
Walton user interface of this phone is similar to conventional kitakyatera. AOSP ROM is based on the use of this particular facility is that the many customizable user interface. To use the module is exposed to the particular route would upset her. You can also use a variety of themes and the look of your phone, who will be able to own the stock.

51 MB of RAM is used at Walton Primo D6. 470 MB of RAM, getting the user ebheilebala.4GB ROM, you can phone Walton Primo D6. Approximately 234 GB of storage you can use as a single place for the rest of the phone has been used to install the OS and the built-in apps. The 32 GB External SD Card can be used.
1. gigahertz koyakora mobilization sipiiu has been used. Mali has been using the jipiiu 400. Jipiu processor and perfect for playing games. The Full HD 1080x1920p Video Support by phone. It will be the gaming and Video Play back trouble.CameraIncludes a two megapixel camera phone riyyara. There is also a bright flash light for taking pictures in the dark. Selaphi to get to VGA Camera. But I can say this with the camera's standard Quality Video Calling to get resolution. Now, let's share some photos taken with this camera.
Battery:Walton Primo D6 used in the battery is 1550 mAh. Low resolution mobile phone, so battery drain is likely to be the same.Connectivity and sensors:Mobile connectivity includes Bluetooth, wifi, OTA, Micro USB. It includes the sensor GPS, Motion Sensor, & Prosimity Sensor.

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Buy Walton primo D6 only 4200Tk don't miss the Chance ! Buy Walton primo D6 only 4200Tk don't miss the Chance ! Reviewed by I am shahid on 07:34 Rating: 5

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