Save Android Internet Data 75% trust me!!

How to save android Internet Data easily i want to show you how can i have save 75% data which is powerful data saving tips so let's see  how to do it.

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Auto Update off:

usually when you have a net connection to your device, install apps downloaded from thePlay Store is updated. However, in many cases, this update becomes irritating. The apps on your device while the update is relatively slow. Your smartphone data package to update the data against your will have to be spent. Let's see how it will turn off the auto update.
1) First Play Store app on your device to open. The menu button on your device or devices 3 Dot-click menu.

2) From the Play Store you will find the menu option and click Settings. From the Settings menu 'Auto-update apps' option to select.
3) The three options to select the first option.

App data settings:

In the app, which is something that a lot of our device are automatically updated on a regular basis. For example, Google+. Google+ is the picture of the cloud backup your device, so that any time you wish you can see the picture. I wonder if there is a large selection of the films, twelve of your data plan does not take much time. In this case, you can do this kind of apps Settings then  Auto_Backup goes back to some of your media files, you can select the option.

Restrict background Data

When we go to eat or sleeping some of apps we don’t remove, that inactive apps that use the data. GPS data is usually based on the auto-update apps are doing that. ICS and Jelly Bean devices working on this problem, you can turn off background data. And to do this you go to your device's Settings menu Data Usage option from the menu to mark Restrict background data will be required.
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