5 Tips to protect your android from virus

So many of us use every day to survive, we're the most important Android phone. Many people who use it as a digital personal assistant. It would save a lot of important information, including information on bank accounts. If the information in the hands of a hacker, you thought about what it might be? Some of the open source Android ASAP madame viruses normally enter (paid by apps and it can be done). We app about the Google free download from various websites without it. May contain malware!

Dont install Any unknown apks
If you do not eat as food from strangers, so I do not unfamiliar to install any application. Hacker said the e-mail, messages etc. for their products in order to install the app sends a message. If you do not know about the local world can not install it. That might be the app will grab all your data by hackers.

Install apks from Play store or Legal android market 
 Where do you usually buy food? Keeping safe from the sidewalk or from any store in the refrigerator? Of course, from the store safe. safe as any in the App Store to download the App from Google Play (Amazon App Store and the bad guys), they check each app separately. Naturally, they are so much safer on the App Store.

Unknown source turn it Off always 
This is verified unknown sources other than the App Store App can be installed in any position. But there is a lot of risk securities. Verify Apps and Keep the Mark. Before you install any app from the App of the net to make sure your device. 

Read the permissions before installing the apps

The best way to get rid of Unwanted App. Permissions the trainees understand what this app can access your device. If you think it is something that is requesting access to their function, there is no compatibility, ah, do not install the app. If your device's Contacts, Account Information about Karalee choose to install if you want to access.
You can install antivirus apps
Many people use mobile Antivirus. Many do not. What should you do? It will tell you all the things you install from the App Store, Google Play or verified if any of you do not need to install any Antivirus. Google Play App neach scan. You can still install Antivirus for extra caution.

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